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Hair-Removal Business

Hair-Removal Business

The Hair-Removal Business is Huge, and it’s only Going to “Grow”


Summer’s beach weather is a huge money-maker for body waxing and laser hair removal services, but ‘anti-hair’ trends and new innovations are about to move the industry to new heights.  Body waxing companies have been making big bucks in the hair removal business. One rising trend in the past few years: During bikini season, many are opting to go more and more bare “where it counts”.

Similar to the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, hair removal service providers see demand in waxing services increase by 40%.  There was also a 500% increase in the number of gift cards sold. Sales during that period alone grow by the millions.  Valentine’s Day is one time when many of us love to pamper our bodies.  When it comes to romance (or trying to attract the opposite sex) many people wax as a special surprise for their better half.  It’s also a very nice feeling against our skin.  Well much of the same thinking applies to the warmer months, where the masses flock to beaches and swimming pools everywhere.

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A Fast-Growing Domain

The “anti-hair” movement isn’t a recent phenomenon. Beach vibes of the ’60s brought fame to the “bikini line” (a type of trim that requires a precise shave). Since then, Canadian consumers have increasingly been willing to pay for waxing services.  Brazilian bikini hair removal services attract a pretty penny with their recent popularity, and eyebrow and lip areas have only increased in demand (and profitability) alongside it.

The personal waxing and salon industry grew an average of 7.6% annually between 2010 and 2015, according to various research conducted. In 2014, an estimated 300 000 American businesses racked up sales totaling $11 billion.  Franchise business in this industry regularly land spots on the lists of fastest-growing companies, so it’s easy to see where the global trend in North America is going.  Carving out a career in any related field is definitely a step in the right direction.

Male Clientele also on the Rise

This isn’t simply a female-driven sensation. As the French often say, without suffering, there is no beauty–and men are no exception.  A quick peek into any progressive beauty salon, and a quick survey of our male friends (especially aged 30-55, and especially the more sophisticated ones) will reveal that an increasing number of men are investing time and money into this type of grooming.

As much as 20% of customers in many modern salons are now men.  Almost half of them opt for waxing services on the back and shoulders, and almost 1/5 are taking the plunge with bikini-area removal treatments.

U.S. figures show that “Manscaping” (as we’ve grown to affectionately call male depilatory services) has exploded into an over $4,000,000,000 a year industry when retail product sales are factored in.   Canada is now showing similar trends.  More men now opt for a smooth, cleaner look compared to their original “god-given” look.  And it’s not just for the perfect beach body or to please their lovers.  Many men who participate in sports like cycling, body building, and swimming are also getting waxes.  It has actually been shown to improve their performances, and every little bit counts!

Not Stopping Any Time Soon

As the standards for beauty and aesthetic perfection only rise higher and higher through the influence of mass media and the internet, you can be sure that this will remain a sustainable and profitable line of work for decades to come.  As reliable as the human body’s instinct to grow hair where we don’t want it, is the need for professionals to remove that hair.  Have you ever considered a career in Aesthetics and Electrolysis?  Now might be the time!