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Fascination for automobiles and the technology

Fascination for automobiles and the technology

“My name is Marc and I have always had a fascination for automobiles and the technology that enables a car to run. I feel that it is incredible that we have access to a school that teaches you all about the fundamentals of a car, how it works and how to repair it. The Laurier Macdonald Career Centre Automobile Mechanics program allows you to do all that and much more. Having a teacher guide you in the proper way to work in the field and share their little tricks of the trade with you is amazing. Also, having the equipment and tools and the tip of my fingers to work on cars as well as being able to work on your own vehicle allowed me to learn with ease. My experience from day one has been unforgettable. Getting along with my peers and having a teacher that listens and communicates with you, I feel, is important to succeed. It’s a great place to learn about this trade. I’ve learned a great deal throughout my time here and that feeling is amazing. Additionally, every teacher has their speciality in their field and it’s great to be able to absorb their wisdom and experience. If you’re the type of person who has a great passion for vehicles, Laurier Macdonald is a great place to turn your passion into a career. ”

Marc C