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Advantages of a Manicure

Advantages of a Manicure

The Advantages of a Professional Manicure

With so many Do-It-Yourself options made for home use, and so much How-To information available in the media, why would anyone spend money for professional beauty treatments these days?

…Lots of reasons.

Why choose a nail salon over a home solution?

Caring for our nails has been part of many women’s beauty ritual all over the world, and for hundreds of years.  It’s more than a fad, and it’s more than just vanity.  Nail care is part of an overall healthy lifestyle choice, especially when administered as part of a full manicure.  Not only does it boost self-esteem, it promotes properly moisturized skin, keeps nail edges and fingertips smooth, minimizes the chances of split or ingrown fingernails, and helps prevent fungus.  Given this added level of importance, don’t your hands deserve better than what comes out of a box at the drugstore?  Given the choice between your friend’s basement and a professional salon with trained experts, it seems like a no-brainer.


What are the benefits?

Professional Service

Salon manicures are performed by trained experts.  The techniques, the equipment, the products applied, the hygiene, the finish, and the durability.   No concerns over fixing “mistakes” or performing maintenance the day after they’re done.  The professional manicurist is accountable to the salon and must justify the money paid, so you’re entitled to satisfaction.   They also have a lot more imagination than the average person, and know what’s in style.

professional manicure

Feel Pampered

The cleansing, the moisturizing, the massage, and a gentle touch you won’t find at your cousin’s house.  The degree of care taken in the cutting, shaping, and finishing in a real salon will make you feel like a queen.  Any sophisticated salon will also offer a soothing environment with a therapeutic collection of sights, sounds, and smells which will relax you into a state of nirvana.


The Products Available

Most salons nowadays are stocked with a broad variety of specialized products to choose from.  The discount lines found in a department store or pharmacy just can’t compare.  Ask your beautician their advice, then select from among your favourite lotions, basecoats, shellacs, polishes, and top coats.  This extends not only to colour, but other decorative touches like jewels and glitter for that extra unique look.  Besides these options, acrylic or artificial nails are always an alternative for a specific design you have in mind, or just a more daring style change.


Impeccable Hygiene

We’ve all heard stories about infections or other nasty side-effects resulting from unprofessional practices.  Yes, this can happen at home, but you should also be aware of the habits in a spa or salon.  Choose only the best to avoid low-level hygiene, such as reusing tools between customers, and not sterilizing equipment.  Nowadays, nail salons must meet strict hygiene standards, which also include discarding disposable materials which shouldn’t be reused.  Emery boards, for example, should be thrown out after use, to avoid spreading bacteria.  In general, properly trained professionals will make sure none of this is an issue.


Complementary Services Available

When opting for a professional manicure treatment performed at your favourite salon, there are always other similar pampering services available.  Sometimes they’re in a package, or you can pick and choose to combine your fingernail perfection with a pedicure, facial, massage, hair removal, and many others.  This often means a better deal, as well as saving time instead of trying them all yourself or going to multiple places. Make it a spa-day, and walk out feeling like a new person!


Indeed, there is no comparison.  When it’s time for a manicure, choose only the best places and the most expertly-trained professionals!


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