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Montreal Beauty School

3 Things to Look for in a Top Quality Montreal Beauty School

Canada ranks highest in the world when it comes to spending on beauty. Our $1.4 billion beauty market grew an impressive 8% between 2013 and 2014 (as compared to just 5% in the US), and continues to thrive despite economic ups and downs. 

This is great news for anyone hoping to launch a hairdressing or aesthetics career! And what better place to get started than Montreal, a city known world-wide as a hub for designers, fashion enthusiasts, and up-and-coming beauty artists.

But Montreal also has numerous beauty training programs to choose from. How can students narrow down their options and find the right match for their needs?

If you’re looking for a high quality Montreal based beauty school, these three characteristics should be at the top of your list.

1. Affordable Tuition and a Ministry-Recognized Diploma

Canadians might spend big on beauty, but you don’t need to break the bank to get quality training in hairdressing or aesthetics.

Some beauty schools in Montreal charge thousands of dollars in tuition, but higher costs don’t necessarily mean you’ll be more “employable” after graduation. Whether you’re just finishing high school, or changing careers later in life, the last thing you need is student debt – or the stress of trying to fit expensive tuition payments into your already tight budget.

The beauty school you choose should offer affordable tuition (under $2,000), and lead to certification of a DVS or AVS through the Quebec Ministry of Education. Don’t be swayed by glamorous facilities and big promises. And be sure to ask whether materials are included in the cost you’re quoted.

2. Comprehensive Course Content that Goes Beyond the Basics

Career training often focuses on speed. Students are promised fast, intensive programs that push them into the workforce quickly. And yes, your time is valuable and efficiency is important – but it’s also important to ensure your beauty education is comprehensive, and offers a strong foundation on which to build your career.

Look for program content that is broken down into detailed modules. The beauty school website should be very clear about what you’ll learn, and how many hours each module/course will take. You should see a full spectrum of topics on technique, theory, methodology, and preparing to enter the workforce.

3. Genuinely Caring Beauty School Instructors with Industry Experience

An educational institution is only as good as its instructors. Above all else, look for a beauty school that emphasizes how dedicated, caring, and experienced their instructors are.  In order to land that first job and build positive client relationships, aesthetics and hairdressing students must graduate with a high level of self-confidence.

Look for a beauty school in Montreal that pledges genuine support to its students, promising the highest standard of technical instruction combined with friendly, expert guidance.

Choose a welcoming, non-competitive learning environment and you’ll see yourself grow in ways you never imagined!

Want to learn more about affordable, Ministry-accredited beauty training in Montreal? Contact the Laurier Macdonald Career Center, and we’ll help you get started.